Bison Moon Patch Hat | WyoMade Apparel | Hats

Bison Moon Patch Hat | WyoMade Apparel | Hats

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Bison Moon Mama Bear Patch Hat | Lilac

This Striped-Mama Bear Bison Moon puts a stylish twist on our iconic T-shirt design from WyoMade Apparel! 

The Bison represents freedom and is a staple of Wyoming's open spaces while the Mama Bear represents our love for family and a mama's love. This Lilac Trucker Hat is sure to appease your desire to roam free and get out into the wild.

Be a part of the herd in a one size fits most Bison Moon Mama Bear Trucker Hat from WyoMade Apparel.

Offering sizes ranging from:
  • One size fits most


WyoMade is a Wyoming Craft Apparel brand located in the heart of Downtown Casper, Wyoming.